Gojo Solitaire #401






735, Kitamonzen-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-city, Kyoto post code 600-8356


1 month JPY64,000~


8 min. walk Omiya sta. of Hankyu Kyoto Line
8 min. walk Shijo Omiya sta. of Randen Arashiyama Line
11 min. walk Gojo sta. of Subway Karasuma Line

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Gojo Solitaire #401
Lease Term Monthly Cost Initial Cost
Rent Maintenance Fee Cleaning Fee Security Deposit
1~3 month JPY66,000 JPY5,000 JPY22,000 JPY30,000
4~12 month JPY65,000 JPY5,000 JPY24,000 JPY50,000
12 month~ JPY64,000 JPY5,000 JPY26,000 JPY50,000

Other Expenses : Monthly Utility Cost : Water fee is 2,000yen, Gas fee is 3,500yen, Electricity fee is at your own expense.
If your lease term is 1 - 3 months, Gas and Electricity fee will be 8,500yen in total.
Option Service : Rental Bedding 3,000yen/month, Daily Necessities 2,000yen/intial.
In case of sharing, extra rent 7,000yen/month, extra water fee 1,500yen/month, extra gas fee 1,500yen/month and extra clean up fee 3,000yen/initial shall be added.

Property Details

  • Structure : Reinforced Concrete Building
  • Year Built : 1979/08
  • Floor:4
  • Size : 22.55㎡
  • Room Type : 1K
  • Capacity : 2
  • Minimum Lease Term : 1 month
  • Bed Type : Semi-Double Bed
  • EV:not available


  • Furniture : Chair・Drapes・Sofa・Table・TV Stand・Cupboard・Semi-Double bed・Low table・Hanger rack・Rug・Full-leagth Mirror
  • Room Facilities : Internet(Free)・Storage・Bath・Shower・Wooden floor・Washlet・Westen Toilet
  • Electric Appliances : Microwave・Air conditioner・TV・Hair Dryer・Refrigerator/Freezer・Washing Machine・Vacuum Cleaner・Electric Kettle
  • Kitchen : Gas Stove
  • Common Area : Bicycle Parking(Free)・Mail Box



Additional Details

Available from 19th December 2025 (#201) , from 7th July 2024 (#203) , from 28th July 2025 (#301) , from 27th August 2024 (#302) , from 2nd Januarry 2025 (#305) , from 1st August 2024 (#401) , from 5th October 2024 (#405) (UPDATE:15/05/2024)
Other : Possible to room share for two people (a bicycle per a room), Free wifi is Available, No Pet allowed, No Smoking

Gojo Solitaire is located in the most convenient area in Kyoto.
The apartment is so close to Omiya station of Hankyu Kyoto Line.
You can access wherever you want get in Kyoto city easily!!

20 min. bus and walk ISI Japanese Language School
The bus stop is close to the apartment. (1 min on foot)
You can get on the bus which goes to the bus stop near school directly.

30 min. bus(Katsurazaka 21) Kyoto University Katsura campus
*You can check how to go to Kyoto University Katsura campus on the map attached to this web page.

Shops & Restaurants
1 min. walk Convenience store "Seven-Eleven"
7 min. walk Supermarket "Fresco"
8 min. walk 100yen shop "Daiso"

What our tenants think of the apartment.


We have a pleasant stay here and the staff is very helpful .thanks a lot.

I have used kowa's service 3times. and in everytime I had a good stay the staff was nice very helpful.

Overall great experience with the appartment and service of the staff.
I would like to use kowa again in the future.

Thank you for the help in English!
I appreciate it!

Thank you Very much this year.
The room is spacious and the agent wi-fi!

The team has always been very quick to answer to any question and demand. it has been very helpful.

Thank you for all the support! Arranging everything from overseas was super easy.

I'm satisfied with the service and quick response from your agency.

The staff was really helpful and quick to change our fridge when ours stopped working!

Overall I had no problems with the service. I was very happy with it.

We spent a pleasure time in the apartment. Mr. Fukazawa was simply perfect and professional.

Very fast and quick service. Staff was exceptionally great-very satisfied, some of the equipment explanations could have been more clear.

Excellent apartment to stay, enjoyed the 4 months being here. Much easier than finding an apartment in my own city. Thank you.

Very helpful and responsive.

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