What kinds of apartments does KOWA offer?

All of our apartments are either 1K or 1R and located all around Kyoto.

Are the rooms furnished?

Yes, all the rooms are furnished with a bed, desk, chair, vacuum cleaner, washing machine,
microwave, fridge, hair dryer, bins and an electronic kettle.
You can also ask us to provide you with a daily necessities package before you move in.

What is the shortest possible stay?

You can rent an apartment from 1 month.

Is it possible to reserve an apartment from overseas?

Yes. You can let us know that you would like to reserve an apartment before you come to Japan.
We will ask you to come into the office or the apartment to sign your contract when you arrive in Kyoto.

What is included in the rent?

The rent will depend on the location of the apartment and the length of your stay.
Your water bill is fixed at ¥2000 regardless of the length of your stay. Internet is included with some apartments.
If not included, we can provide you with an optional portable wireless device for ¥5,800 per month.


1 – 3 months: rent + maintenance fee (¥ 4,500) + utilities (¥ 2,000 water + ¥8,000 electricity/gas) + optional services

4+ months: rent + maintenance fee(¥ 4,500) + utilities (¥2,000 water +¥3,000 gas + electricity at own expense) + optional services.

What is included in the initial payment ?

The initial cost of renting an apartment with us includes a security deposit (refundable, usually 30,000 – 50,000 yen),
a cleaning fee, the rent and maintenance fee as well as the utilities costs.

The rent of the first month will be calculated depending on your moving-in date. You don’t have to pay key money, agency fees and a guarantee company fee.

What is key money?

In Japan, it is common to pay a sum equivalent to at least one month’s rent to the landlord as ‘key money’.
However, you will not have to pay extra key money when renting an apartment with us.

What is maintenance fee?

The fee is for the maintenance and management of common spaces such as the stairs and the corridors.

What is clean up fee?

The fee is the cost we clean the room. We have to check and clean the room for next tenants.

How much will I have to pay for electricity per month?

That depends on you, but the average fee will be 2,000 – 3,000yen per month.

What kind of wifi do you offer?

For some apartments the wifi is included in the rent.
If this is not the case we can provide you with a portable wi-fi device.
It is very handy. For more information, please check below.


You can access to internet anywhere & anytime.

You can use 5 GB every day. The device will be updated at 0 o’clock.

Spec : Super High Speed (Hybrid 4G LTE) up to MAX 4G 50 Mbps downlink, down to Max 4G 150 Mbps downlink

Span of the limitation : using 5 GB unlimited, 5 GB – 10 GB 1 -3 Mbps, over 10 GB 128 kbps


What is included in the Daily Necessities option?

The Daily necessities option includes tableware, kitchen cookware, kitchen utensils,
laundry supplies, cleaning tools, towels for bathroom, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, a tissue box and garbage bags.

What is included in the Bedding option?

The bedding option includes a comforter, bed pad, pillow and bed linen.

If you don’t need us to provide you with bedding, only the bed and the mattress will be installed in the room.

How can I reserve and what is the reservation procedure?

Please contact us to enquire the availability of the apartment you are interested in.
We can guarantee a reservation of an apartment for you as soon as you fill out the application, pay the deposit and send your passport information.


There are 3 steps to make a reservation:

    1. 1.Check the quotation
    2. 2.Send us your completed application and your passport information
    3. 3.Pay the deposit

What do I need to provide in order to sign the contract?

Make sure to bring your passport and the money for the initial payment.
We will let you know in advance about the contract information that you will need to sign.

Do I need a guarantor?

No guarantor is required.

I want to share an apartment with someone else. Is this possible?

Sharing is possible for some apartments.
We charge an extra rent fee 5,000 yen/month, extra water fee 1,500yen/month, extra gas fee 1,500yen/month and extra cleaning fee of 3,240yen in the event of sharing.

Can I arrange a viewing?

Yes, you can. But it depends on the availability.
The apartments are usually occupied.

After paying the deposit, can I change apartments?

If another apartment has become available that you would prefer we can arrange a change for you.
However, if you would like to overall cancel your booking with us and have already payed the deposit we will not be able to return the deposit.

Where can I get my key on check in day?

One of our colleagues will meet with you at your new apartment and hand over the key to you.

How do I pay each month’s rent?

Please transfer the rent at a JP Bank (Post Office). 

Please refer to our instruction video on how to use a JP Bank (Post Office) ATM to pay your monthly rent.


When do I pay next month’s rent?

The deadline is the 25thof each month. Please make sure you have paid your rent before this date.

How do I pay the electricity bill?

The electricity bill will be put in your mail box each month.
Please take it to a convenience store. You can pay the fee in cash at the counter.

Please refer to our instruction video on how to pay your bills.


How do I pay my utility bill if I accidentally lost it?

Sometimes you might lose your bill that you got in your mail box.
If this happens you will need to contact your electricity company. (Please contact us if you need help with this.)
You will in this case most likely receive the transaction number that was on your bill.

Please use this number and refer to our instruction video on how to pay using this number and “Loppi”.


Can I extend the contract?

Yes, of course. However, please take into consideration that another guest might have already booked your apartment for after your stay, so if you want to extend your stay let us know as soon as possible.

Can I cancel within the contract period?

Yes. However, you might have to pay a penalty fee.

What is the moving out procedure?

We will arrange for one of our colleagues to visit your apartment to check that everything is left in an orderly fashion.
We will email you a check list of things to do before the visit.
If everything is in order will then also return the deposit.

Do you have English speaking staff?

Yes. We will do our best to communicate as freely as possible with you.

Can I smoke in the apartment?

Smoking is not permitted in any of our apartments.

Can I have a pet?

Pets are not permitted in any of our apartments.

Do I have to go register at the local Ward Office?

Yes. It is very important you do so. Please refer to our information website for more details.

Why do I need to carry my residence card?

Your residence card is proof that you are in Japan legally.
To prevent any problems be sure to carry your residence card with you at all times.
If you have a residence card you do not need to carry your passport.

I have a student visa, does that mean I can work in Japan?

Yes. With a student visa you are permitted to work 28 hours a week while in Japan.
However, you do have to make sure this is stated on your residence card.
When entering Japan, make sure to inform your customs officer that you wish to seek part- time employment in Japan and they will stamp the permit on to your card.

How do I separate the garbage in Kyoto?

Kyoto City collects household waste on a weekly basis and you should make sure that you sort your garbage in the correct way before each pick-up date.

Please refer to our instruction video on how to separate your garbage.


How do I use Japanese Chemical Drain Cleaners?

It’s important to keep your sink/bathroom drains clean in order for it to not clog up. To prevent this or to solve the problem should it arise you can buy and use Chemical Drain Cleaners to unclog the drain.

Please refer to our instruction video on how to to use Chemical Drain Cleaners.


How do I use the IH Stove?

Some of Kowa CO’s apartments are equipped with an IH Stove (Induction Heated Stove). 
This is an electrical stove and does not use gas and thus differs on how you would normally use a gas stove.

Please refer to our instruction video on how to use the IH Stove.


How do I use a Japanese washing machine?

Japanese washing machines can be especially intimidating and scary with the buttons being in Japanese and written in Kanji. But don’t worry, once you’ve gotten the hang of it will be very easy to use.

Please refer to our instruction video on how to use a Japanese washing machine. 


How do I change the light-bulbs in Kowa CO’s apartments?

Sometimes the light-bulbs in your apartment will burn out and you will need to replace them.

Please refer to our instruction video on how to change the light-bulbs.


How do I buy a commuters ticket?

If you on a daily basis commute between two specific stations or bus-stops, you might want to get yourself a commuters ticket to lower the cost of the daily commute.

Please refer to our instruction video on how to buy a commuters ticket.